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We are constantly shopping for new fabrics and we update our new fabrics category frequently.  Keep checking back to check out our new fabrics.  If you are looking for something in particular...let us know and we will try to find it for you.

  We aim to please!

Click on the fabric below, that you are interested in, to order your headwear.
Alberto in Mustard-
Alberto in Mustard
Alice in Wonder Land-
Alice in Wonder Land
American Pride Eagles-
American Pride Eagles
Animalia Exotica-
Animalia Exotica
Aqua Man-
Aqua Man
Awesome Tacos-
Awesome Tacos
Bento Box-
Bento Box
Blue Spring Flowers-
Blue Spring Flowers
Brocken Hexie-
Brocken Hexie
Calamar on Coral-
Calamar on Coral
Care Bears-
Care Bears
Citrus Fruit's-
Citrus Fruit's
City Girl City Vibes-
City Girl City Vibes
Classic VW-
Classic VW
Clean Teeth-
Clean Teeth
Coco Head Toss on Purple-
Coco Head Toss on Purple
Colorful Jelly's-
Colorful Jelly's
Daniel the Tiger-
Daniel the Tiger
DC Comics Super Woman-
DC Comics Super Woman
DC Comics Villains-
DC Comics Villains
Disney Princesses-
Disney Princesses
Disney Villains Movies-
Disney Villains Movies
Doc Mc Stuffins-
Doc Mc Stuffins
Dolphin Selfies-
Dolphin Selfies
Donkey Kong-
Donkey Kong
Doxies on Navy-
Doxies on Navy
Dr Seuss Bears-
Dr Seuss Bears
Dr Seuss Chevron-
Dr Seuss Chevron
DR Seuss Horton hears a Who-
DR Seuss Horton hears a Who
Dr Seuss on Black-
Dr Seuss on Black
Dragons in the Sky-
Dragons in the Sky
Farm to Table Hogs-
Farm to Table Hogs
Finding Dory all Smiles-
Finding Dory all Smiles
Flamingo Beach-
Flamingo Beach
Flamingos and Pineapples-
Flamingos and Pineapples
Flamingos Aqua-
Flamingos Aqua
Football Head-
Football Head
Forest Christmas-
Forest Christmas
Fruity Guava on Grey-
Fruity Guava on Grey
Giraffe on Navy-
Giraffe on Navy
Glam Girls Pout-
Glam Girls Pout
Glow in the Dark Constellations-
Glow in the Dark Constellations
Golden Retrievers-
Golden Retrievers
Gotas De Amor-
Gotas De Amor
Greatest Love Stories-
Greatest Love Stories
Gypsy Bandana-
Gypsy Bandana
Hawaiian Retro Pineapple-
Hawaiian Retro Pineapple
Hibiscus on Blue-
Hibiscus on Blue
Hollywood Pinups-
Hollywood Pinups
In the Jungle-
In the Jungle
Jurassic World-
Jurassic World
Kids in Space-
Kids in Space
Lacey Beach Umbrellas-
Lacey Beach Umbrellas
Legend of Zelda-
Legend of Zelda
Let's Flamingle on White-
Let's Flamingle on White
Lilo and Stitch Ohana-
Lilo and Stitch Ohana
Lion King-
Lion King
Lovely Llamas on White-
Lovely Llamas on White
Many Faces of Marie-
Many Faces of Marie
Marvel Party-
Marvel Party
Memories from Costa Rica-
Memories from Costa Rica
Merry Christ Moose-
Merry Christ Moose
Micky and Minney Amour-
Micky and Minney Amour
Micro Pokeman-
Micro Pokeman
Modern Meadow Mint-
Modern Meadow Mint
Modern Pumpkins-
Modern Pumpkins
New York Mets-
New York Mets
Origami OASIS-
Origami OASIS
Packed Charlie Brown-
Packed Charlie Brown
Packed Looney Toons-
Packed Looney Toons
Pooh A Day in the Park-
Pooh A Day in the Park
Red White and Blue Celebrate-
Red White and Blue Celebrate
Red White and Boop-
Red White and Boop
Russian Nesting Dolls-
Russian Nesting Dolls
Shabby Chic-
Shabby Chic
Shake your Tail Feathers-
Shake your Tail Feathers
Shopkins Friends-
Shopkins Friends
Sience Lab-
Sience Lab
Star Wars on Grey-
Star Wars on Grey
Super Mario-
Super Mario
Supergirl on Navy Girl Power-
Supergirl on Navy Girl Power
Sweater Weather-
Sweater Weather
Sweet Watermelon-
Sweet Watermelon
Taco Tuesday-
Taco Tuesday
The Jetsons-
The Jetsons
There's A Who Elephant-
There's A Who Elephant
Trolls Poppy True Colors-
Trolls Poppy True Colors
Tsum Tsum-
Tsum Tsum
Under the Sea Selfies-
Under the Sea Selfies
Under Water Wildlife-
Under Water Wildlife
Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night-
Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night
Watermelon Rind-
Watermelon Rind
Wolfs in Sun Glasses-
Wolfs in Sun Glasses

*NEW* Classic Reversible Cap
African Inspired
Asian Inspired
Breast Cancer and Other Awareness Fabrics
Camo Camouflage
Celestial, Fairies and Outer Space
Chili Peppers
Comics and Oldies
Flames and Dragons
Flowers and Trees
Food, Candy and Beverage
Funky Fabrics
Gambling, Games and Spirits
Just For Men
Just for Women
Kids and Cartoons
Medical and Baby
Motorcycle and Biker
Music and Party Time
Our Armed Forces
Skulls and Scary Things
Solids, Patterns and Textures
Sports and Activities
Sun, Sand and Sea
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